JavocSoft Android Toolbox – Location Service – Update

Hi all again, Today i have had time to isolate a class to have a localization service ready-to-use in the library JavocSoft Android Toolbox. This will allow, very easily, to have an application that watches for any location change (or GPS enabled/disabled) event in background even if the application is not running because is an Android service 🙂 To use it, […]

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JavocSoft Android Toolbox – Android 6 Permissions – Update

Hi all, With new versions of Android, the library needs to be adapted to deal with new possibilities and requirements. In this case, the new library JavocSoft Android Toolbox version has resources to handle new Android 6+ Permission system. This will allow us to embrace and adapt our applications to Android 6 new permissions usage approach. Android 6 and Permissions Beginning in Android […]

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JavocSoft Android-ToolBox: Ejemplo de Uso del módulo de Notificaciones GCM

Hola, hoy, a modo de ejemplo, voy a explicar como usar el último módulo que añadí a la librería, las notificaciones PUSH de Android con GCM. Es muy sencillo asi que es perfecto para un POST y asií de paso os animo a usar GCM en vuestras apps ya que seguro que le encontrais una utilidad 🙂 Los pasos a […]

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